Prepared Meals Recommended Door Products


The Australian designed and manufactured RAPIDMAX® Plus high speed door is a tough workhorse providing solid steel frame construction coupled with high speed – whisper quiet operation and efficient perimeter sealing to reduce energy consumption and improve environmental control.


SHUTTERMAX® is a High Speed Insulated Shutter that offers smooth and whisper quiet, high speed operation while providing security and insulation. This is a perfect solution for external industrial & commercial applications where security and high speed operation is required. The features of this door provide you with a single product solution in place of a traditional “dual” Steel Shutter / High Speed door combination and as a result offers massive savings on initial investment, service & maintenance and power consumption. The SHUTTERMAX® is also ideal for car park applications, it’s High Speed and Whisper Quiet operation provides fast access and noise free operation significantly improving comfort levels for residents and tenants. Designed with a springless drum and driven by a Heavy Duty, high cycle GFA drive system, the SHUTTERMAX® will provide trouble-free and long lasting operation.


PANELMAX® is an insulated sectional door specifically designed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation, superior sealing and security. This door is mainly used in cool room and loading dock applications but is also suited to a range of other applications and available in a wide range of colours and surface finishes.


The ThermoShutter is a new horizontal air curtain developed by MAYEKAWA for cold rooms, industrial freezers and coolers. With conventional air curtains, cooling air flowed out from only one direction, and the edge of the air curtain became weak. The air flow pattern of the Thermo Shutter is horizontal and from both sides, so the pressure is the same around the entire threshold resulting in a more effective barrier. Installing the Thermo shutter saves energy, improves the quality of stored products, is hygienic and reduces investment on new equipment.